Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh, to forgive...

Today I want to talk about forgiveness especially on the home-front.  Your home is a place of rest, a  place of refuge, your sanctuary.  The home is where lives are built, encouraged, and loved and when we make mistakes, we get second chances (and third, fourth and fifth, chances) to get it right!  

It is the place whereby character is built. The home is where integrity is taught and forgiveness is displayed. 

Your role as a mother training her child is critical.  Think about how many times you have to repeat yourself to your children when they are young; you want to lose your patience!  

Forgiveness is so critical because it shows what our characters are made of.  When we say to our spouse or our children, I’m sorry, please forgive me; we are showing and teaching them that we too are human.  It helps to build trust as well.  More importantly we are teaching our children principles for living that will carry them for rest of their life.  

How many people can you think of that are still not speaking to each other because they failed to forgive?

When we choose to forgive, we release that person, we release that offense.  The scriptures clearly states that you need to forgive so that nothing will hinder your prayers. (1Peter 3:7 and Mark 11:25)   

You make the choice to forgive that person, whether that person is alive or not. Forgiveness is an act of your will; to pardon someone for a mistake or offense that was made. 

Forgive often.

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