Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You’re so talented!

I was at the salon today to get a new look and hair color for my mom’s upcoming birthday party.  Women were chatting about everything, as we do when we’re at the salon waiting for the next step of our beauty process.  

As I was listening and talking to several women, I found out some very interesting things.  For example, the woman next to me owns a business designing clothes and she also makes wedding gowns.  I also heard a woman, who knew everything there was to know about organic farming, which I thought was interesting.  

There are so many talented women around us. I have a sister-in-law that builds; a deck, a staircase, a shelf – just because she can.  My daughter is a gourmet cook (self-taught), though this is not how she earns her living.  I have a friend who is brilliant in the financial markets.  I know women who run their homes better than most corporations.

We all have God given talents.  Are you using yours?  Some of us use our gifts to earn an income and some of us use these gifts because if we don’t, we’ll lose our brilliance.  The word “brilliance” means exceptional ability, skill or talent.  I know people who stopped using their gifts, and have lost their shine.  

I believe that each of us has greatness within us, bursting to get out.   Do you sew? Do you dance? Do you sing? Do you build? Use the God given gifts within you.   Don’t let your gift go by the wayside. 

I didn’t write for many years because I was always afraid I would not get the punctuations right.  I decided to pick up some books on grammar.  Most importantly - I began to write.  I’m a blogger now.  Who knew?  I love writing and find joy in doing so. 

Rediscover your gift today……you are so talented!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charity begins at home

Don’t give to others what you haven’t given to your family first! 

As women we are inclined to volunteer our time and talents to many organizations, people, places and things.  We help out with the PTO at school; we lend a helping hand to our neighbors, our co-workers and even our friends.  It is wonderful to help our neighbors and to give of our time to others. 

The word “charity” means having goodwill towards man (people), helping someone in need, whether we are cooking for someone, helping them with a chore or spending time listening to them.  These are all admirable.  However, I believe that charity should begin at home. As women and especially as a wife and mother, our families should be the first to benefit from these acts of kindness.  

  • Reason number one: This is where our responsibilities lie. Family should come first, others second. I don’t say this in a negative way, but we should not be giving away something that our family first hasn’t benefited from.
  • Reason number two: How else can we teach our children about charitable giving, if they themselves haven’t been the recipients of it and have not seen the process firsthand?  

Here's a tip  The next time you make a special dish or bake something for someone, make one for your family also. This shows your love for them and allows them to release your kindness to others.

Yes charity begins at home, but it doesn't end there, it just starts there!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clear away the clutter

Is your mind cluttered with all of the things you need to do?  Write it down on paper.  I find that when I write it down, I no longer have to carry it around my mind.  Laundry piling high?  Take a day or two to get it done (my days are Mondays and Tuesdays).  Need to grocery shop? Thursdays are my day.   Is the house cluttered?  Take 10 minutes to clear the clutter.  I especially like to do this in the evening before calling it a night.  

Scheduling chores, exercising and family time takes discipline and it takes some work.  If you make a schedule you’re not running around on the weekends trying to do all.  Figure out a plan that works for you so that you can enjoy your life more.  It is no fun when your mind is bogged down with all the necessary chores still needing to be done. 

I like to have things in order. I think better, feel better and it makes me happy.  I know the difference between a dirty house and a messy one.  It is especially important to have things in order so that your mind can rest.  

Clearing away the clutter produces an atmosphere of rest for you and your family.  It also allows you time to connect with friends as well.