Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let’s encourage one another

I recently published an article regarding the importance of prayer in our daily lives.  (see link below)

I believe in the power of prayer and have been a witness to the miraculous and have seen answers to prayer time and time again.  I want to encourage you today if you have never done so before to pray.  

I received a call this weekend from a friend who was feeling overwhelmed by one family crisis after another.  I was so glad she called as we were able to encourage one another.  I reminded her to not to let go of her faith.  When we give up our faith, we succumb to the very thing that is troubling us, which in turns disrupts our thinking and everything around us. 

I want to remind all of you that everything is subject to change when we pray.  Pray for yourself, your friends and family.  Take time to call a friend to encourage them and really pray for them.  

Our family prays on Sunday evenings.  We pray for our friends and family and for many people we do not know personally, yet we pray for them.  We sometimes get last minute calls to pray concerning a love one that is ill or going through a difficult time.  We take this time of prayer seriously.  

I want to invite you today that if you have a request for prayer to feel free to email me at and we will gladly pray for you as well.  

Keep the faith!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Magical Kitchen

Many of you know I hate cooking-wait that might be too strong a word for it, but honestly I see cooking as a chore it has to be done and done quickly. 

I was feeling ill this past week and finally began to recover my energy back.  I don’t know what came over me but in one day I created several meals for my family. As a matter of fact I made a pot of homemade chicken soup, baked biscuits, oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach, and even  homemade peanut butter cookies. Oh, my head is spinning!  My family thought I may have contracted an illness that affected my brain. I can assure you I had not!  I think it was my magical kitchen.  

You see I was cleaning my kitchen earlier that morning and decided to put up my new kitchen curtains.  My kitchen was “suddenly and magically” transformed into a cozy, warm and inviting kitchen, whereby magical things began to happen.  Cookies popped out of the oven.  Dinners instantly appeared and suddenly our home is transported back-in-time to a place where our family is sitting at the dinner table, children are using their manners and everyone is polite to one another with wax like smiles. 

This usually happens at the beginning of fall when the leaves begin to change their colors from green to golden hues of brown, red and orange, reminding me of cozy things. Thus began my kitchen and home transformation.  I like to make things cozy and warm for my family.  Prepare the wood for the fireplace, take the extra blankets out and make sure there is enough hot-cocoa to feed an army.  

Take some time to cozy up your place. Go ahead and bake some cookies. You might even get a thank you for it.