Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After you say, 'I do'

Becoming a wife is not just about saying ‘I do’.  It’s much more than that. 

There are elementary things that every wife should know in order to run her household well. She must train her children (both male and female) on how to do things for themselves, so whether they are off to college or getting married they can learn to take care of themselves. I am fortunate that my husband is not only handy outside the home, he also knows how to cook, clean, do the laundry and much more.

A wife must know how to cook, clean, take care of the home, raise her children (should you desire to have children, read on…)

Regarding children:  A wife must...

• teach them proper manners (before company comes over)
• teach them discipline
• teach them to honor mother and father
• teach them to respect each other, to respect their elders
• teach them proper hygiene (girls and boys)
• teach them how to cook (I learned to cook at 10 years of age)
• make sure your children dress properly especially when you have guests
• ensure they have annual check-ups: eyes, teeth and overall health
• teach them to say please and thank you; when a gift is given send a thank you note immediately
• be responsible for their spiritual training

Remember that each child is different; work according to knowledge with each of them.

Regarding your husband: A wife must...

• cook for him (feed him)
• meet his needs (intimacy-this goes both ways)
• spend time talking and listening to each other
• remind each other that you love each other
• honor and respect each others differences
• forgive often
• laugh often
• play often
• pray together (as a family)
• always remember that trust and security are keys to a happy marriage

Remember that the home is the first place for training, church, and schools are secondary.

A wife should know how to sew (mend socks, sew buttons, repairs, crafting items-it helps when the kids have a craft project for school).  A wife needs to know how to do laundry: sorting, washing, ironing or steaming them.  You should know how to prepare your family for the change of seasons. Have the proper clothing for each season: winter clothes for fall/winter weather, spring and summer for that change of season as well.

A wife needs to also be a nurse to her family. When one of the children or your spouse is ill, you must attend to them.   You should know how to check a person’s temperature and what to feed them during that period of time, (if you are not sure ask your physician).

My mom had nine children. I was the fourth oldest, so there were five younger siblings after me.  I learned how to care for my younger siblings. I was taught at an early age to cook for 12-20 people.  There were 11 of us in our home and mom always had a few extra people at the dinner table.   I was taught to dust and polish the furniture, clean and scrub the floors by getting on your hands and knees, wash clothes, iron, etc.  I learned how to serve guests - mom was always entertaining friends and family.  I learned a great many things from my mother.

Remember that as a wife and mother you must learn to care for your family, not just the children, but also you must take care in meeting your husband’s needs as well; not as the last thing to do, but the first thing you do.

Remember you are not only a wife, but you are also a mother, sister, aunt, friend and you are a woman who has needs of her own. So carve out some me-time for yourself.  Take a walk, go to the gym, plant some flowers, blog, teach, read, keep learning new things…you know what to do! 

Be sure that in the midst of your busy-ness that you take care of yourself. Your family is counting on you.


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  1. Not an easy task being a wife and mother. Not a job to be taken lightly.