Friday, March 30, 2012


           "Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go"
What is a dream?  It is something hoped for.  It is the thing you long for.  It also is something you have probably been doing for a long time and you’re probably already gifted in.

I have been dreaming of my future and some of the things I want to do before the nest is empty.  Some people, parents especially, wait until the nest is empty before they figure out what they want to do next.  I say start where you’re planted.  Start now.  Today is the day of new beginnings, for planning your future.  I am working toward my dream of being a published author.  You must act on the dreams you want to see fulfilled. 

For example, I long to be a writer-so I write.  Yet, at times, I want to be at a higher level than where I am today.  However, I know it's going to take time to get there. In the meantime- I need to polish my craft.  How, you may ask?  I have to keep writing and writing and writing.  I also need to continue attending seminars at places such as the writers’ workshop and the local community college in my area.  In order to gain the knowledge and experience from those who have gone before me. 

I have a little plaque that says, “Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go."  I’ve had that little plaque for years and I love that saying. Those words have inspired and challenged me in so many ways throughout my life and it still does. 

Don't stop dreaming.  Your dreams can be a place, an adventure, a project, a new life, a new home, etc.  Keep dreaming; keep believing, be ever-hopeful; even when it looks like you're circumstances will never change.  Everything is subject to change!

The key is to take the necessary steps to get to the next level.  Want a home?  Save for it.  Want to be an actor?  Then act!  Take classes and learn the craft.  Do something.  Every step you make toward your goal is one step closer to fulfilling the dreams that only you can achieve.

I am sure many of you have dreams you thought were too late to speak of;  it’s never too late.  I know a woman who at the age of 70, went back to college and pursued a law degree, she now works in the town she lives in fulfilling her dream. 

Don’t just dream a dream, live it!


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  1. You are so right! Without taking some action to activate your dream it remains just a wish.