Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feels like spring…

The weather has been somewhat strange this winter.  Most winters here in Connecticut can be pretty brutal, stiff, cold, and weighted down.  

However, we’ve had the most wonderful winter yet.  I see the grass growing and our friendly neighborhood ants are starting to show up months ahead of time.  I am really enjoying this weather. 

I love watching the cherry blossom trees in our yard bursting with colors of pink and white blossoms. They are so beautiful. Though their blooms are short-lived, they are beautiful nonetheless. 

Life is like that sometimes. We enjoy the exciting moments in our lives and then we experience a sort of letdown.  We wage battle with those difficult moments and then celebrate the victories. 

It is the ebb and flow of life.  I rather take the flow than the ebb.  It’s the reason I enjoy the spring season.  It’s a reminder of new beginnings and fresh starts. Spring signals us to look ahead and see the promise of a new day, a new flower, of hope eternal.

Spring beckons us to loosen up a bit. Throw off your encumbrances and embrace better days ahead, spring has sprung!

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