Monday, August 29, 2011

Pay Attention!

Pay attention to your mother, pay attention to your father, pay attention!
Take heed to what you are being taught and learn something. 

This week as the news came in telling us to prepare for the worst hurricane in years; I was thinking about my mom and what she would do in preparation for a storm. My daughter suggested we get more water just in case.  I remembered how my mother would fill pots with water and anything she could find.  I thought I would do the same.  She always found a way to get us through.  

I was paying attention to my mother and how she did things to keep the home running and take care of her family.  We learned how to make substitutes for what we lacked.

I also thought about washing the laundry just in case the power goes off.  Best to have clean clothes in the event things got really bad and we would be without electricity for days. I picked up dry goods and batteries, candles and of course water. Some of the preparations were common sense, some were not.  

Although we had none of the technology we have today, I did learn some of the survival skills that would get us through given the circumstances.  This time I charged my laptop so that if the lights went out I could write and charge my phone at the same time.  The lights did eventually go out and we were prepared.

Why pay attention?  Others are depending on you…

Your family: care for them, teach them, be a mentor, discipline and love them, 
plan for the future
Your homes: clean it, organize it, and make it a place of safe refuge
Your job: be on time, do your best
Your car:  take care of it, clean it and maintain it
Your friends:  cultivate the relationship, spend time with them, be a friend
Yourself:  take care of your mind and body, be good to yourself

Why pay attention?  Paying attention leads to preparation; so that when the storms of life come, you’ll be prepared for them. 

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