Friday, August 12, 2011

Building Memories

I remember as a young woman still living at home, my sisters and I would make a large pot of coffee almost every night, we would sit with our espressos, and talk about everything. This is a warm memory for me.  I have tried to build warm memories for my children.  Ours is built on hot chocolate and toast with “butter drippings” as my daughter would always say. 

I have a niece who reminds me of the fond memories she used to have at our home. In the cold winter months we would sit in front of the fireplace, playing board games and laughing, until we fell asleep. She still talks about those times. Those are her warm memories.  She is all grown up now with a baby of her own and making some of her own memories.  Create an atmosphere for conversations that develops trust. This is the bridge that builds a future which links the past.

I remember it as though it was yesterday.  Yesterday is gone forever.  Are you building warm memories that will link your family to the past?  It’s important to build fond memories that they can recall with their own children.  Build some memories for a happy childhood.  Life isn’t perfect, but we can create some warm fuzzy feelings that will last us a lifetime.  What are you building?

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