Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whose chore is it anyway?

His chores, my chores…As a married couple there are things that simply need to be done around the house.

You have many tasks such as:
  • ·   Food shopping
  • ·   Stops to the dry cleaner
  • ·   Mowing the lawn
  • ·   Trimming the hedges
  • ·   Cleaning the house
  • ·   Paying the bills
  • ·   Etc.

The list goes on and on.  How do couples manage these chores?  I believe we get there through our natural and gifted abilities.  We did not sit down and say you do this and I’ll do that.  Most women find their niche by how they were trained at home.

I know for myself, I like things to be in order, so naturally I lean toward cleaning the house.  My husband on the other hand enjoys yard work. He says it is his way to relax.  I know people who cook or bake to relax.  

My point is; it doesn’t matter who has taken the lead to do what.  The important thing is that it gets done and when the other person can’t get the task done you step in and do it.  Be sensitive to what is going on around you.  Maybe your spouse has had a hard week, step up to the plate and do what needs to be done with a smile.   This is one way to show your love for each other.  I know my husband has done it for me many times.   

Guess what, this week I trimmed the hedges!

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