Saturday, September 10, 2011

Staying Connected

I recently visited the home of one of my daughters’ friends and got to know the parents. We had wonderful adult conversations and great fellowship.  I was greeted with the opportunity to build new relationships and reminded of the importance in connecting face to face.  

Our technology advances have caused a decline in our face to face communications and in receiving and sending letters.  I have a few friends that still send me cards in the mail; it is a pleasure to receive.  Letter writing for the most part has been replaced with texting.  Most kids these days respond quicker to a text message than an actual phone call.  I for one had to get with the program.  My eldest said:  “mom you need to learn how to text”, so I learned.  I also learned that I needed to get an unlimited plan since that’s how she communicates with me most of the time. 

Technology is a wonderful thing.  However, I believe that we must maintain face to face contact as well.  There is nothing more inspiring than speaking to someone face to face.  Getting together allows us the opportunity to embrace one another.  It helps to build our vocabulary. It helps us to understand each other's differences, builds trust and brings the relationships to another level. 

I have a very dear friend who lives 3000 miles away, yet we are very close.  We have been friends for many years. She used to live close enough that we would get together often.  We build wonderful memories and she and her children have become part of our family.   We are on the phone practically every day; however lately she’s been asking me to get Skype, a telephone/video conferencing system so that she can look me in the face when we talk.  I’m thinking about it.

The point is we need to stay connected.  The human touch; an embrace from a friend or family member is so important.  I have decided to increase my time with friends and family this year.  I have decided to throw a party for the simple reason that we need to fellowship more.  How else can we teach our children the importance of communicating, much less the importance of friendship? 

Fellowship with one another is a key in helping to build family unity, in building relationships and times of remembrance.  Throw a party, invite some friends and build some memories.


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  1. Excellent blog. I am going to make more of an effort to have face-to-face time with the people in my circle and beyond.