Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be a woman of integrity

I recently took a training seminar on Intellectual property and the laws that govern it.  I learned that I needed to obtain permission for the art work I was using on my blog site. 

Although the World Wide Web is open for all to see and use, it is not a free for all to do and use as you please.  We must respect people’s property and have moral principals in which we are to live. 

As a parent, that teaching begins at home.  Although I was not aware of the legalities of using the art work, I immediately withdrew all of the art work and sent letters requesting permission to do so.  I have received welcomed responses and have added those to my blog.  

This was not only a matter of integrity, but it was an important lesson for my children as well.   We should never be lazy to make the adjustments or correct a wrong that was done.  Integrity should be the standard by which we live whether publicly or privately.

Set the standard for yourself, for your family and you’ll set the course for life.

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