Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let love be your guide...

Teaching moments:

When my youngest daughter was just a toddler she loved to play hide-and-seek.  One afternoon, I remember picking her up from grandma’s house and found her playing with her best friend.  The mother of the child was so taken by my daughter’s act of grace.  She said that my daughter knew where her friend was hiding and yet she would prolong the search and announce, “She’s not here, she’s not here”. All the while knowing exactly where she was hiding.  What was she doing?  She was extending grace.  

I learned something that day: first, I learned that we always have an opportunity to show grace.  Secondly, we may know of people’s flaws and be aware of their insecurities.  Sometimes people are doing the best they can for the stage of life they’re in.  We should extend grace, not judgment.  By extending grace we can be an example to them by allowing love to be our guide.

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