Thursday, April 7, 2011


They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach - in other words feed him!  Sounds easy, isn’t that what a wife is supposed to do?   

Sure it is, however, I hate cooking!!  Truth be told, I would rather clean the bathrooms than cook.   

I used to have a plate in my kitchen that said, “The only reason I have a kitchen, is because it came with the house!”   I thought that line was hysterical and so me!  I had it for years until it broke…was that a sign for me to keep cooking?

My husband knows I don’t like to cook, but I have found ways to make things that are edible because I had too. I am fortunate that he will consume just about anything.  His mother was a wonderful cook, so there is no comparison here.  We found a way to work it out, I cook and you eat what I cook!

Maybe cooking is not your thing?  Don’t feel bad about it, do the best you can.  If there is something you’re good at, keep doing what you do best. You can always take a class on something you want to improve.  Don’t worry about all the things that you cannot do.  Do your best, we all have something that we can do!

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