Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dressing for Success!


Remember ladies how you used to dress to impress.  Don’t let your surroundings dictate your duty to take care of yourself. I’ve been observing a few things about women lately, specifically the way we dress.

I was on the train the other day and noticed a young woman dressed very nicely.  She was with her boyfriend and was dressed to impress. When we are single we seem to put careful thought to our appearance, after a time we seem to get off track.  Several years ago, I had a woman remind me to dress up and put a little make-up on.  I make an effort every day to have my make-up and hair done nicely even if I am off to the gym or in a pair of jeans.  I want my husband to like what he sees.   Keeping up appearances are important for the married woman.   Think about what attracted you to your spouse and how you took care of yourself before you got married.

It takes work to keep up appearances, sure you have to invest some time in your hair and body, but the results are worth the effort.  Some of us want the finished product without putting in the extra effort it takes to look nice.  I have been up and down with my weight, but I continue to strive for a better me.  You too, should strive for a better you!  I still enjoy hearing my husband tell me how beautiful I look even after 30+ years.   Don’t you love it when someone compliments you?  It charges your outlook.

Ladies, with all that we have to deal with in a day’s work it’s enough some days just getting out of bed.  Our days seem to never end.  Women are the cooks, the baker, the breadwinner, the homemaker and everything in between.  When we say we are going to bed, we are usually picking up things on our way to bed or doing one more thing before we finally rest.  

Why dress for success?
  • Your husband will appreciate it
  • Dressing for success helps to stimulate your marriage relationship
  • It makes you feel good 
  • It brings value to yourself
  • It gives you confidence, whether you’re employed outside the home or a stay-at-home mom
  • It’s a good reminder that you are important and you deserve the best care
  • It’s a good way to teach your children to take care of their appearance
  • Let your outside appearance be a reflection of your inside (heart)

Our responsibilities may seem endless and yes it takes work to keep our home and family in order. However, you should do something for yourself every day.  It may be a few minutes to read a magazine or color your hair.  When we take care of ourselves we are taking care of those around us.  Stay healthy and well for your husband and family, do it for your children and grandchildren.  Taking care of ourselves means that we are making a choice to live long and strong.   When we are well it’s reflected in all that we do and in our attitude to those around us.

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