Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our children are not our own...

We are not the owners of our children....quoted by Mom

This statement came about during one of our afternoon conversations of raising children.  She raised nine of them and I am still working with mine. 

As a mother we are not given an instruction manual on how to care for children.  If you were fortunate enough to have several siblings as I did (eight to be exact), you were given the responsibility of caring for those younger than yourself.

We are not owners of our children, but stewards.  We are responsible to nurture, protect, help grow, and to help develop the gifts in them.  All while working, living, being, and raising a family.  Life with all its highs and lows we do the best we know.  Enjoy these moments for they are short (though, sometimes it seems never ending).

I have friends whose children are all grown-up, gone and raising their own children, some are a distance away so the opportunity to help raise their grandchildren is as close as face-time—a digital image away. 

For some of those parents like my mom, there is that longing to gather her chicks (children) once again.  I love spending time talking with my mother, but time is short, responsibilities are long and I can’t spend as much time since I too am raising a family.  My nest is not yet empty.  Like you I dream about an empty nest, but until then, be grateful for the journey.

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  1. Thanks for writing. Your blog entries have been missed. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!